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What will be the leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? For some time, we have been observing discouragement among recipients with standard forms of advertising. Ad-block providers and web browser developers who want to protect their users from poor quality messages come to meet the expectations of customers. The challenge for marketers will be to create more valuable content that will be voluntarily selected by users. influencer marketing . This affects the goals and role of communication. Currently, the market has added another floor to the pyramid of marketing needs. Visibility and brand recognition are still at the core, but it is credibility that is probably the most difficult to obtain in these times filled with fake news, and it becomes the key to balance.

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Conference in 2017 was the best for you and why? I like the form of online meetings, so I try to use webinars and webinar marathons. No specific indication. It’s an opportunity to break away from everyday work and listen to other people without having to leave the office/home, if that’s where I’m working. This form also gives you the South Korea Phone Numbers List opportunity to listen not only to people from Poland. Which advertising campaign impressed you the most and why? I like campaigns that tell a story and evoke emotions. I like what Allegro is doing. Consistently and not for the first time. I also appreciate the consistency in what BLIK does – here emotions appear after using the system, i. user experience. I had concerns about whether this service would be popularized.

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The most in 2017 and why? Fake news disappointed me the most. The power with which Internet and social media were used, and how publishers couldn’t handle it. What was the biggest novelty for you in 2017 and why? This is basically nothing new, but the scale and mass with which actions are taken with influencers, especially on a micro scale, are Bab Directory impressive. I think that in the next year we will see an increase in this type of activity. Of course, it would not be possible without solutions that enable mass commissioning of campaigns. What will be the leading trend in online marketing in 2018 and why? The trend in 2018 will be the ever-growing role of data, solutions based on automation and AI.

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