According to Market Finder 90% of the population

With such statistics, Germany is one of the European countries with the largest number of Internet users … which, compared to high, average earnings, makes the German market a great place for e-commerce expansion. German Internet users are very eager to use the Internet via mobile devices. Statista indicates that in 2018 it was about 68% of Internet users – and since the number of mobile users in the world is still growing, it is very likely that this percentage has also increased in Germany. Android devices are the most popular.

What does the German e-commerce market look like

It is safe to say that Germany is one of the leaders of e-commerce in Europe. In the report “E-commerce in Europe 2020 ” we can find information that as many as 61.2 million consumers from Germany buy online . The Chamber of Electronic Economy estimates that the German e-commerce market is the fifth in the world . In 2019, the turnover in Antigua and Barbuda Email List Germany amounted to EUR 94 billion, and 103.9 billion was already forecast for 2020. It is estimated that the average e-consumer in Germany spends on average around 1,400 euros on online shopping per year. (For comparison, that’s roughly 3.3 Polish net minimum wages.) The largest turnover in German e-commerce is generated by two categories – electronics and fashion.

Almost half (49%) compare offers

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The Internet, 26% look for advice there, and 38% use search engines when making purchase decisions. When it comes to payment methods , Germans prefer online payments. E-wallets are particularly popular (41%), followed by credit card payments (8%), debit cards and online transfers. ( Source. ) Do Germans buy abroad? 23.7% of Germans declare Bab Directory that they buy goods online at least once a year , and 15.3% that they do it less than once a year. Toys, hobby items and home/garden furniture and accessories are also very popular. More than a quarter of consumers prepare online to purchase later offline. An even larger percentage is looking for the first inspiration and information on the Internet.

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