Actions in the long-term perspective In the long term

The role of the campaign specialist is to minimize losses, and he can do this by monitoring the campaign and adjusting it to the reaction of the competition. At PromoTraffic, we run advertising campaigns for our clients in over twenty markets, including those where a digital tax has already been introduced. We are still implementing and testing strategies that are designed to optimize costs. Of course, the above solutions and strategies apply primarily to campaigns on Google, which, conducted in the auction model, will allow the use of appropriate strategies. , i. at least a few months after the introduction of additional fees, the free market mechanism should work.

The competition is high and thus

Each advertiser has a certain margin from which he finances advertising activities. For many, the new rates will be too high, others will shift their budgets towards more profitable marketing channels or product categories. Still others will raise Bahamas Business Email List product prices to amortize the higher fees. As a result, the market will find a new equilibrium point. Possible scenarios: 1. CPC bids will return to their previous values, because some advertisers will withdraw from the auction or offer lower bids in these auctions, 2. Competitors will raise prices to cushion the increase.

Both cases of course determine

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A different response and adjustment of the strategy. But again, just like in the short term, I think it’s key to systematically monitor the campaign, its key metrics, and what your competitors are doing. The digital tax is rolling out to more countries digital tax in different countries In recent years, more and more European countries have decided Bab Directory to introduce digital taxes, i. fees on revenues earned by companies conducting. Various forms of commercial online activity in given countries. Also – from the sale of online advertisements. Which in turn – as we had the opportunity to observe. While running campaigns in Promo Traffic – indirectly hits advertisers’ pockets.

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