Agnieszka’s joining the Promo Traffic team is associated

He will support the company in the field of HR activities, dealing with implementation consulting. Her tasks will include, among others: recruitment, employee onboarding, designing development paths and employee experience, creating competency models, training in the soft area, supporting managers in effective team management. with the agency’s constant efforts to ensure that its employees have even better competences to carry out the projects entrusted to them, as well as the desire to create a diverse team of specialists, between whom communication occurs without any problems.

Agnieszka previously worked

The NGO sector (non-governmental organizations) and gained experience in a corporation, she was socially active as a trainer of the School for Parents, she is a member and founder of the 4 Zmiana Association (which deals with the education of parents), she also participated in the recently completed third term of the Krakow Council of Activity Ghana Email List Public Benefit. In addition, Agnieszka copes well with work streamlining business processes, increasing the effectiveness of teams and soft skills of managers. She is a believer in agile methodologies in management (Lean Management and Agile). She will certainly have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills.

Promo Traffic is a technology-driven agency

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Specializing in work for eCommerce. It is distinguished by world-class tools based on machine learning and unique know-how. The effects achieved by Promo Traffic were recognized at the European Search Awards , Premier Partner Awards and Ekomersy. Poles are buying more and more online. Currently, in 2019, as many as 27.5 million people in Bab Directory Poland use the Internet, and 62% of Internet users declare that they have made online purchases in the past. The question that everyone asks is: how do I attract customers to my store? Lack of website traffic means that customers do not buy products from your store and do not generate revenue.

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