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Christmas creative video 04 How do cross-border merchants lead the Christmas season? Although the means of each brand during the shopping season are different, the marketing ideas behind them are similar. First of all, in terms of promotional activities, domestic merchants should make full use of their low-price advantages and release various discount and rebate information; at the same time, free shipping is also a very attractive service. Secondly, in terms of visual presentation, the brand can carry out a series of packaging in line with promotional themes and festive atmosphere, including changing avatars, banners, etc., to catch consumers’ attention in the first place. lazzieday social media marketing is also an integral part.

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Exclusive discounts linked with KOLs, and various social media games such as live broadcasts and short videos, merchants can “push” products to consumers at a closer distance. Double Twelve and the Christmas season has just begun. In addition to continuing the price advantage, cross-border merchants should make good use of social media Norway Mobile Number List platforms and celebrity marketing to maximize the effect of the event. If you want to obtain a more professional and customized operation plan, please contact Weizhuo! How to Make a Profitable Channel Meghan Coyle 172 Reads 0 Comments 0 Likes Lyn Allure started marketing her future business long before she knew she was going to be an entrepreneur.

When Lyn was in college she started

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A channel as a creative outlet. But as the channel grew, so did the opportunities for her to turn it into a side hustle. Then the side hustle turned into a full-time job. The full-time job has spanned several new businesses, from a hair extensions shop on Shopify to a personal finance community and now real estate investing. Click here to start selling Bab Directory online with Shopify now Lyn joins Shopify Masters for a special livestream to share her advice for budding entrepreneurs and content creators. Here are some highlights: Don’t miss an episode! Subscribe to Shopify Master. 1 Build Your Following Authentically If Lynn has one piece of advice about growing your audience, it’s to come like you.

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