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Influencer supports your SEO A campaign with an influencer can also have a positive impact on the visibility of your website on Google . Influencer advertising activities should drive customers to your website. How to plan all this to support SEO? Arrange with the creator to leave an active link to your website in the content of his blog post . , in the long run it will help you achieve your goals. Influencer builds reach at low cost The benefits of an influencer campaign also include costs. Although there are of course influencers who clearly define the rules of cooperation and require substantial remuneration, in common sense these amounts are not unfounded. Social media has great power.

The activities of an influencer

Instagram are often cheaper and more effective than other forms of marketing. In order to find out whether cooperation makes sense in the media dimension, a simple calculation should be made. It is enough to calculate how much the same France Business Email List effects (clicks, comments, views) will cost using advertising tools. On YouTube, you can calculate “reach value” by comparing it to the cost of getting paid pageviews in the form of a preroll ad. And yes – there are exceptions to this as well, because each online campaign is different . It also happens that the price of paid cooperation is higher than other marketing costs. But then other variables may determine the sense of such activities.

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Building activities, which have a long-term value and bring material benefits only in the long run. Time for a digression! A few tips in choosing quality creators The subject of billing for campaigns is very difficult. The rates for individual activities are so diverse that in practice many clients pay the creators extremely different amounts . This is Bab Directory mainly due to the fact that this area of ​​marketing is extremely dynamic and. Has not been defined by any standards. Very often, influencers are at various stages of “advancement” without accurate knowledge of this subject. Which causes them to overstate or underestimate their rates.

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