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Most of the tools are integrated by placing a monitoring code in the source of our website, which is directly responsible for user profiling. tools is the installation of the plugin. It enables communication, i. data transfer, between our store (CRM) and the platform we use. If your store platform was created custom and you do not have the option of integration via a plugin, you can do it manually using the API documentation provided by the platforms. Right after the integration process is completed. I recommend that you run tests that will allow you to. Eliminate any irregularities that may become a problem in the future.

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Adding a contact to the system. Modifying a contact and deleting a contact, – the correctness of sending the subscription status, – transaction data, registration of events and their modifications, – counting visits within the monitored website. 2. Uploading the product feed The product feed, usually in the form of an xml file, is a source of data about the Niger Email List products in your store. The information it can contain is product ID, its name, description, category, price, brand, photo, etc. We use it every time we create campaigns containing information about your products. you may have a hard time getting your site high visibility. If you want to overtake the competition, you should verify, e. using Ahrefs, what links your competition has. The number of links is not important, but the quality! A large number of weak links can hurt your site.

Contact database import Assuming that

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The store has been thriving for some time, you certainly already have a database of contacts. Prepare it according to the instructions and upload it to the system you use. The greater the number of imported contacts, the more data we can Bab Directory work on. Personalizing content and targeting campaigns accordingly. Therefore, prepare the entire database of contacts and enter it into the system. The newsletter (subscribers) and users who have not given us such consent. This will allow you to plan wisely getting backlinks from sponsored articles that will point to your website.

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