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Generally, we use an tag followd by at least two <H2> tags separatd by content between each. Otherwise, be aware that the order of importance is generally as follows: Domain name Page URL Balise title Balises Link anchors bold words META tags META tags ( Keywords and Description) must be unique, containing the right keywords and must encourage clicks. You can neglect the meta keywords but don’t ignore writing the meta description. It is very popular with Internet users since it appears under the page title in Google results.

Projects Or Introducing Measures

Go for 155 characters for the meta description. Be aware that Google does not count in characters but in pixels, so picky SEOs will phone number list speak in pixels for the size of the metas. Inded, an uppercase will take up more space than a lowercase, this is information that can be useful to have in mind to manage the dimensions of the tag. Balise meta description de Powertrafic Balise meta description de Powertrafic L’indexation Don’t let Google index your entire website.

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Supporting Environmental Protection

Otherwise you will quickly end up with poor quality indexd content, or worse, duplicate content such as the sorting pages or the “legal BAB Directory notices” page. To prevent a robot from indexing a page on your site, you can add the following meta tag in the > section of your page: Internal linking Internal linking means that the pages of your site are linkd together. However, they are not all systematic. It is then necessary to think about how visitors and search engines navigate the pages of your site. . In connection with the tree structure, it is important to link all of your pages but also to promote the number of links to important pages.

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