Build a Roster of Terrific Freelance Writing Clients

Some businesses tell scary or ugly stories. A lot of businesses tell boring ones. Seth got me thinking about the elements that. I believe tell a more inviting story for a writing business. The kind of story that attracts more terrific freelance writing clients and better revenue. If you’re a professional writer, of course you need to write well. But it isn’t just ability that makes a writer successful. It’s also wise positioning. It’s the implied story that your business tells. Here are my thoughts on five “story elements” that help you attract the right freelance writing clients, at the right pricing, in the right numbers. For any business, but particularly for a writer. The voice of your marketing is one of the most important story elements you have.

Invite the Kind of Freelance Writing

What does that look like on your site today? Do you sound stiff and formal, or loose and conversational? Like tends to attract like, and the personality you put into your writing voice will tend to Job Function Email Database attract those qualities in your clients. These are always subjective. What might seem annoyingly uptight and controlling for me might feel appealingly detail-oriented to you. Because you’re a pro, you have more control over your types of tone in writing than regular people do. Use that skill to convey the kinds of qualities you want to see more of in your clients. Prospects today don’t just want wordsmiths — they also want content marketing strategists. Whether or not that’s the phrase they would use. Terrific freelance writing clients want writers who understand how the web works today.

Attracts More Terrific Freelance

It’s hard to come across as informed and web-savvy when your site design looks 10 years out of date. You don’t have to chase every design trend. But you do need your site to look current, uncluttered, and fresh. In order to make money as a freelance writer, you sell services. Which means you sell your time. Hours of your life — the one thing you BAB Directory can never get any more of. Selling those hours at a discount just doesn’t make sense. Of course, if you’re new to learning how to become self-employed. You shouldn’t expect to command the same rates as an experienced writer.

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