Check whether the data in the file is automatically updated

Importing contacts : Importing a large number of contacts may take longer, so wait a while before you start verifying the results. Remember that resuming the import too quickly may result in, for example, duplication of historical purchase data, which means the need for your supplier’s IT support to intervene and may expose you to additional costs. Sending newsletter subscription statuses : data synchronization should be two-way, so pay attention to whether the consent of the customer subscribing to the newsletter via the form from your platform is sent correctly to the system and vice versa.

There may be a situation when

A user signs up via a form from the system, but when placing an order, when he does not select consent and it is not available on your platform, his current status from the platform will be sent to the system along with information about the purchase, i. without consent to newsletter. Such situations can cause you to lose communication with your Hungary Business Email List customers. Preparation of an XML file containing a list of products or services on the website : considering what activities we want to carry out in the system. It is necessary to include enough information about the product in the file.

The technical requirements are provided

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The software supplier, but you must pay attention to, for example: Does each of your products have an individual ID. The system recognizes the products based on this information. So make sure that the IDs do not duplicate for different products. Do you offer promotional prices – if so, the file should contain information about. The standard price and separately about the promotional price. And how often the data is refreshed: the more often the Bab Directory better. Especially when you want to use product availability data. Facebook integration. Verify that you have the appropriate. Facebook access to complete the integration (access to your business and ad account). Authorization of sending e-mails via the system: SPF and DKIM – pay attention to the number of SPF records you have.

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