Cohort analysis will be a source of valuable information

Importantly: preceded by a strategy, development of a customer journey and a conversion funnel. Thanks to this, we are able to create channel grouping scenarios tailored to the stage of the funnel. Undoubtedly, data from the analysis of multi-channel paths will satisfy a significant part of the needs of an e-commerce manager. For more information on how to create a custom channel grouping, see this link . When running paid campaigns, remember to add UTM tags/links to the campaign. Campaign UTM Builder This is a Google tool that facilitates the efficient creation of links with a tracking tag. Thanks to it, we can track the effectiveness of individual campaigns in Google Analytics.

Using the tool you will add a unique parameter

The URL for a given campaign, which will allow you to filter data from these campaigns in Google Analytics. You will be able to calculate return on investment for a given campaign – ROAS and eliminate ineffective types of ads. Thanks to the tool, you will create a link with a tag by filling in the following fields: I will add that a fairly long link will then Macau Business Email List be created, which should be shortened using another tool useful in e-commerce – the bit application. This “link shortener” will be useful not only in the campaign, but also in posts in social channels, where you have a limited number of characters, and the short link looks aesthetically pleasing and clear. As I mentioned above, to track the sales of specific products and their importance in acquiring customers on the conversion path, an extended e-commerce module in GA is necessary.

Thanks to it we can study detailed

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Purchasing behavior within the website, such as product page views, revenue from a given product, adding and removing products from the basket, and tracking promotions in the store. The screen below shows some of the GA capabilities in the extended version. Cohort analysis An interesting tool within Google Analytics itself is the cohort analysis, which gives the e-commerce manager information on how much the implemented promotional Bab Directory activities influenced the behavior of users on the website and their retention. The cohort combines data of users with common characteristics, allowing you to study their behavior over time. By creating appropriate segments – such as date range, channel, type of promotion – we can deduce what is the real value of one user visit to the site, and based on data from subsequent visits, forecast revenue.

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