Common causes of indexing issues include

A space they are not too long whether they are descriptive and accurately point to the content of the subpage whether they contain meaningfully added keywords It will not always be able to prepare perfect urls that meet all the above guidelines. For example, many CMSs for online stores (like IAI Shop) do not particularly care about optimizing URLs. Index bloat Index bloat analysis aims to verify whether: there is no problem with the indexation of valuable subpages that your website offers whether the index does not contain low-value or functional pages.

Internal search engine pages

It a problem with the indexation of valuable subpages, the index bloat analysis should find the causes and recommend appropriate remedial actions. Fortunately, optimization for positioning is not particularly problematic in this case. : blocking google robots poor quality of the subpage and its content the page is a duplicate or near-duplicate Sao Tome and Principe Email List of another page Google has not reached this page yet It is worth making sure that low-value or functional pages do not end up in the index. They not only lower the overall rating of the portal in the eyes of Google, but also reduce the chances that the right subpage will appear for a valuable query. To prevent this, ensure proper instructions for robots on your site.

Optimization for positioning

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A glance: we control which pages Google should and shouldn’t be able to access we indicate which subpages should, in our opinion. e included in the index and which should not Read more: crawl budget . Expand the category structure. Rules One of the effects of keyword analysis was to expand the category structure to include valuable keywords. Generally Bab Directory speaking, the more valuable pages on the site, the more phrases your site will appear in the search engine. Of course, as long as the category structure is created. In accordance with the principles of positioning. Which you will read about in a moment. The category structure should reflect your assortment and divide it into meaningful. Interrelated product groups and subgroups.

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