Compare your profile integrity level with those

A guest on a podcast or other media channel Pledge to donate to a related cause , one-time or indefinite releases of white papers or other raw data relevant to your target audience Engagement outside of your brand is how you build awareness and access media outlets. When the verification team checks for your popularity, they will find you on these news channels. So what happens? Here are a few things to try: Double-check the verification requirements Sounds simple, but it’s worth double-checking the four main requirements we saw earlier

Authentic Unique Complete and Compelling

Make sure you have the most appropriate business documents to prove authenticity. Be sure to remove/delete any old accounts you may have set up. of those who have been verified. Finally, Google your brand. If you don’t see any mention of it outside of your own site, that might be the problem. Wait to Apply If your verification request is Philippines Mobile Number List denied, all is not lost. You can apply again after 30 days. Please be patient though – reapplying within 30 days will mean the application will be cancelled. Give yourself that month to figure out how to improve your chances using the tips above, rather than hoping to get approved within the next 30 days without making any changes. Show Authenticity.

Other Ways If you still can’t get approved

Phone Number List

A blue check, there are other ways to show your brand’s authenticity without it.  Another way to show authenticity is to create video content of you or your team behind the scenes. Showcasing how your business works on a day-to-day basis is a great way to gain credibility, but also follow the advice for multi-format content to grow your Bab Directory following. If you can’t get verified, don’t stress getting a verified badge on Facebook (or any social media for that matter) is a major milestone for your business. It proves that your account deserves attention and engagement. However, with all the benefits come challenges – getting approval is difficult.

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