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What does technical SEO include? What activities should be included in the audit and then checked in the strategy? a) Improved page loading speed Page loading speed affects not only the position of the site in Google, but also positive user experience. How to make your website load faster? Start with analyzing the page code, which often results in moving part of it to separate CSS and JS files and introducing the lazy load mechanism. The next step to speed up page loading is to reduce the size of the graphics. b) Website optimization in terms of UX We wrote about the relationship between SEO and UX in the article,, Friendship of UX and SEO.

How to influence the user experience

In the purchasing process? “. There you will find detailed information on how to optimize your website in terms of UX. c) Creating friendly URLs Friendly URLs are those from which you can infer where they go. Illegible addresses that do not inspire trust of both users and Google robots are primarily those with a string of illogically combined characters, numbers Tanzania Business Email List and letters. d) Index bloat analysis Index Bloat analysis allows you to capture indexed URLs that should not be visible in search results. If Googlebot wastes time on pages that are not important to us, we may have problems crawling new pages in the future. e) Clear, friendly content architecture. The content architecture is built by the menu and the category tree.

Make sure that they are transparent

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Legible for the user, and that they contain keywords for which you want to position yourself. Free ebook f) Minimize the chances of content. Cannibalization The content posted on the site should be complementary, but not optimized for the Bab Directory same keyword. The website’s strength and position in the Google search engine. In your SEO strategy, plan to work on minimizing the chances of content cannibalization on your site. Consider matching the keyword to a given subpage.  And then strengthen their strength.

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