Content Proofreading Tips to Catch More Avoidable Goofs

However, the creative benefits of a consistent proofreading process surpass. The classic definition of proofreading and are important to learn even if you’re a beginner blogger. A master proofreader’s skills contribute to the production of unique, valuable, and trustworthy content. Professional writers can take advantage of proofreading to avoid the all-too-common extremes of caring too little or too much about your content. The trouble with caring too little about your content is fairly obvious. But caring too much about your content is also a problem. Proofreading ensures you’ve thoroughly reviewed your work. So you feel good about releasing it to the world. Whenever I mentioned that proofreading your text from the last sentence of your content to the beginning is my favorite proofreading method. She would always quip: “How about a tip that doesn’t take forever?

Scan the First Word of Each Paragraph

At which point, I liked to explain why this technique is actually a time-saver. We don’t always have a day to put our writing aside before we edit and proof it. That’s great advice in theory. But not realistic in a fast-paced content publishing environment. where you sometimes only have several hours Industry Email List or less. Proofreading is all about paying attention to little details that help your audience effortlessly understand your message. It’s why you hire a content editor to help you out when you don’t have time. Pause at every comma, period, apostrophe, quotation mark, etc. to make sure you’ve used them correctly. (Need a punctuation refresher? Check out this article: How to Use a Comma) This tip is especially helpful for finding “it’s/it” and “they’re/their/there” mistakes.

Verify Spellings of People’s Names

Which you want to avoid in email subject lines for sales as well. Remember, content proofreading tips aren’t just for blog posts. They can help your email marketing strategy too. Varying your word choice elevates your content to a more sophisticated level. If a number of your paragraphs or subheadings begin with the BAB Directory same word. Your writing won’t be as dynamic as it could be. Use this time — even though it’s “just for proofreading” — to push your creativity. Google is a proofreader’s best friend. Keep a Google search tab open when you proofread and look up the proper spelling of every name in your text.

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