Create new optimization guidelines for your entries

Use the potential of the actions already taken and their results, do not start positioning from scratch if you don’t have to! g) Refreshing old blog articles Refreshing old posts placed on the site is an added value for users and for bots. Such actions can strengthen the strength of the service. So what is worth doing? First, check which articles published on your website have the least visibility, and then which keywords they should rank for. by viewing the TOP10 search results on the desired phrases.

Thanks to this, your content can appear

In a higher position in Google, and thus more people will see it. h) User Engagement In Google’s ranking factors, you can find points that are related to user experience. That is why it is worth creating an opportunity for your potential customers to interact, e. through a section that allows you to leave an opinion on a product or service. In addition, the so-called user-generated content (comments on products, services) has a positive impact Sudan Business Email List on the website’s position in Google. 4. Start a blog and use content marketing In the SEO strategy, include not only elements related to UX, but also content marketing. Keeping a blog, creating reports, infographics and e-books will help your website to appear for more and more keywords in TOP3, TOP10 and TOP50. You can find more about content marketing and its relationship with SEO in the Content Marketing category.

Set KPIs to measure the effectiveness

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Your SEO strategy Each SEO strategy should include appropriate KPIs. Thanks to which it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of the work done. As well as plan possible corrections. Take into account factors such as the number of visits to. The page from organic search results, the number of keywords acquired. The conversion rate or the increase in domain strength. Summary – an effective SEO strategy in 5 steps. It is worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for an effective SEO strategy. The above 5 steps are tips Bab Directory that can help you build your tailor-made, promising visibility plan. If you need help building and running an. SEO strategy, fill out the brief and Grow WithUs! In this article you will learn: what to pay special attention to. When choosing and comparing content marketing agencies , what differences in offers and. The contractor’s attitude can be of key importance to you. How to increase the chances that your content campaign will quickly achieve its goals.

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