Currency support and availability of payment systems

It is also worth checking whether there are noticeable technological or UX solutions on the websites of competing online stores, e. for a specific industry in a selected country. And the last, but no less important thing is securing the transaction and taking care of legal issues regulating sales, adapted to a given country, such as regulations. 4. There is one rule – prices should be given in the currency of a given country. The need to independently search for the current exchange rate and convert purchase costs, uncertainty as to the final value of the order – will be discouraging and will not inspire consumer confidence.

The second important issue

Provide buyers with popular, international non-cash payment methods, such as PayPal, PayPal Express Checkout, SOFORT, PayU, Braintree. Check out the case study of SneakerStudio – a multi-brand online store that builds its brand on 20 markets at the Guadeloupe Email List same time. – E-commerce is one of those areas of the economy that has gained in every respect in the last year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers went shopping online and e-sellers dynamically diversified their sales channels. Many of them also decided to e-expansion. National borders ceased to matter when the goal of consumers was to find the best deals.

New countries are a challenge

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The right choice of technology, as well as professional advertising activities, effectively support native e-businesses in this process. The international successes of such Polish e-shops as Sneakerstudio, Mintishop, Puccini or Unitrailer are the best proof of this – says the president of PromoTraffic. Google Ads is an extensive advertising system. Account optimization at an advanced level requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Making decisions Bab Directory about how to configure certain types of campaigns can be difficult even for specialists with several years of professional activity related to Google Ads optimization. Often in the work of PPC specialists there are questions whether and to what extent a given change in the campaign will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of advertisements.

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