Depending on the needs the advertiser

That is, a commission on online sales of products or services, a fee for acquiring leads, users, etc. When launching affiliate activities, you should specify what percentage of sales publishers can receive as a commission for completed orders. In this situation, we are guided by margins, the amount of costs that we can invest in activities and other indicators that translate into establishing the terms of cooperation. It is worth noting that in the case of affiliate activities, the cost to income (COS) ratio is a constant element, which allows you to eliminate financial risks and ensure the stability of e-commerce entities. In affiliate marketing in Poland, the most popular billing model is the CPS model.

A different partner commission for orders generated

New and regular customers, different rates broken down by product types or categories, etc. A slightly less frequently used model is CPL, while CPC / CPI are less popular due to the much smaller number of appropriate affiliate programs on the Polish Comoros Email List market. Cookies expiration date It allows you to specify the period for which cookies will be assigned to the affiliation. The standard expiry date of cookies is 30 days, while advertisers can adjust it to their needs (examples: 1 session, 1 day, 14 days, 90 days, 180 days). Order location Specify for orders from which countries will be paid commission on online sales.

Validation A significant element is determining

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The details of the validation, i.e. determining the status of the order. From the point of view of publishers, the best solution is to receive a commission. For all orders that fall into the systems of online stores. However, from the point of view of advertisers, the most effective solution is to pay commissions on completed orders. You Bab Directory should also specify the time that will be needed for the validation. Standard validation is based on Excel, but advanced methods (automatic validation) can also be implemented. By default, each affiliate network has its own contract template, which it sends to the advertiser for verification.

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