During the warm-up period celebrity KOLs will launch

A careful analysis of Falabella’s account reveals that Falabella will hold regular live broadcast events, using shopping discounts and gifts to attract consumers to watch, bringing a lot of exposure and traffic to the brand. Falabella often publishes product-related display videos on the website, mainly promoting clothing, perfume, cosmetics, skateboards, football sports, etc. Fashion includes outdoor categories, 3C, household products, pet supplies and other categories. Falabella also often cooperates with some Internet celebrities to publish posts. On Halloween, Falabella cooperated with illustrator Robin to promote an eyeshadow palette that emphasizes 100% vegetarian food. Falabella has brought a lot of exposure and traffic to the brand through live broadcast, which is worth learning from other sellers. However, how to find KOLs in the Latin American market by using social media for live broadcast? How to choose an MCN institution? What tools should I use?

This end SHOPLINE launched a social

E-commerce solution to open up the entire live e-commerce link, help merchants easily play live e-commerce, and help merchants successfully dig into Latin America. , SHOPLINE can help find KOLs. interactive topics.In the middle of the live broadcast, SHOPLINE LIVE provides a live broadcast platform for sellers to perform product display  and order transactions while live broadcasting. At the same time, SHOPLINE provides sellers Tunisia Mobile Number List with a wealth of promotion tools, such as free shipping, bundled prices, store points, alliance activities, discount promotions, etc. Post live broadcast The powerful data analysis panel allows sellers to intuitively and easily analyze live broadcast effects and make optimization strategies, including store performance previews, order reports, product inventory reports, specific market segment reports, etc.

In addition sellers can also use

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One Ship, an e-commerce fulfillment solution developed by SHOPLINE, to import orders, create waybills, and execute shipments in one stop, so as to easily control the delivery of the entire platform. Want to know more details? Then quickly scan the QR code below and download the “Social E-commerce Solution White Paper”! Grasp Bab Directory the global social e-commerce trend and learn the social media marketing strategy of well-known brands How social media can help independent websites to attract traffic and occupy the first page of. The Google page-Operation dry goods 132 Read 0. Comment 2 Like In daily life, many people use social media such as. And and so on The platform participates in social activities. There are also some people sharing their lives by. Sharing videos and photos on websites such as Facebook, Flickr and so on.

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