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With this type of campaign, pay special attention to promotion costs, such as: cost per click, cost of reaching 1000 users and roas, because cpc in Facebook Ads campaigns is getting more and more expensive every year. This is particularly noticeable in the fashion industry, where many new advertisers have arrived since the beginning of the pandemic. In addition to strictly sales goals, a good idea to lower the cpc and gain traffic to the website is to test the campaign with the “Traffic” goal. By setting broad targeting (usually, the more narrow the group of recipients, the more we pay per click), we are able to acquire more users from the top of the sales funnel, paying a lower rate than for conversion purposes.

In the next step using remarketing

We can encourage them to buy through additional discounts or free shipping. In turn, using the “Reach” goal will allow us to reach as many people as possible at the same low cost. By additionally setting capping, we limit the frequent display of the creative to one person and increase the number of people on the Internet who will see our ad. will French Guiana Business Email List not translate directly into the purchase of products, they can help bring new users to the website. And looking at the fashion industry – its target group is counted in millions of potential customers. Campaigns with these goals will also work well with sales offers or during activities with discounts, when we want information about discounts to reach as many people as possible quickly and cheaply, who are more likely to visit our website.

Creating a campaign

Email List

Get to know your customers thanks to appropriate targeting and Facebook Audience Insight There are two schools of targeting in setting up paid campaigns . The first – targeting ads very broadly, sometimes even only after a century; the second – analysis, detailed selection of interests and the use of exclusions. Both methods have their pluses and Bab Directory minuses. Certainly, with broad targeting campaigns, the cost per click is usually cheaper. On the other hand, if we narrow down the users by e.g. interests and age, we can achieve a higher conversion rate, because we will reach those most interested in our offer. In the fashion industry, it is worth testing these two methods, but we must remember a few things so as not to burn out the budget or limit the campaign.

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