Everything a Beginner Blogger Needs to Know for 2023

With time and consistent effort, there’s practically no limit to how much money you can earn. Blogging isn’t a short-term endeavor though. You won’t get rich overnight. But with an idea you’re genuinely interested in, a proven strategy. The patience and discipline to tend to your blog every day, you’ll build a valuable asset over time. That will continue to earn you money for years and years to come. Your first consideration is the purpose of your blog. What type of blog do you want to write, and who do you want to write for? Do you want to write your own blog on a specific subject? Or do you want to offer blogging as a service to clients? If you’re looking to blog for clients, there’s plenty of demand.

All About Blogging for Beginners

Blogs are a huge piece of the content marketing puzzle. But if you want to launch your own blog, you’ll first want to decide which way you plan to monetize it 1. Lead generation for your freelance writing business To make C Level Executive List money as a freelance writer. You can use a blog to generate leads for your business. When you blog about topics that appeal to your ideal prospects. You’ll demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an authority. Painting yourself as the ideal person to help your prospects with their writing needs. 2. Passive income You can also have a blog separate from your freelance writing business. In fact, you don’t even have to be a freelance writer. Anyone can start a blog about a topic they’re interested in.

Lead Generation for Your Freelance

This will give you the chance to attract an audience. And once you do, there are plenty of ways to monetize your blog (which we’ll get to). Blogging is a long-term, consistent endeavor that grows over time. But you can ramp up quickly as a beginner. When you blog for clients, we’ve found through our extensive industry BAB Directory contacts. And published in our annual AWAI State of the Industry Pricing Guide — that you can earn $250 to $800 per blog post. As a beginner blogger, you’ll typically start at the lower end of that range. And as you build experience and can share samples and results.

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