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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Marketing communication channels – definition Are you wondering what marketing communication channels are and what will be suitable for your company? We will explain step by step, base on selecte definitions, what these channels are and how to distinguish them properly so as not to be confuse with marketing tools. First of all, you must be aware that marketing communication channels are one of the 6 elements that make up the entire marketing communication process.

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It also includes: communication participants, the sender and the recipient, the message (message), noise (interference), feeback and the communication context. Some distinguish even 9 elements by adding: encoding, decoding, answer. Lechosław Garbarski in the book “Marketing” emphasizes that the essence of marketing communication is the whatsapp mobile number list flow of information about the organization, its products, values, features and ideas. The transmitte information takes a specific shape and structure. The components of communication are tools, which include: advertising, personal selling, public relations, sponsorship, informal communication and marketing communication channels, meia, places and people. The entire process of designing activities is base on both components.

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Marketing communication channels must be properly selecte for adequate tools. Before choosing a communication channel, keep in mind the factors that affect the choice of. A communication channel, namely: Product – its type, price, life BAB Directory cycle Buyer – characteristics. The target market Marketing strategy of the company – all elements of the marketing-mix. Therefore, explaining what these marketing communication channels are, Garbarski says that. These are marketing information flow channels between market participants” and. These are the ways through which information is transferre between the sender and the recipient.

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