Express your intention and look forward to cooperation

Here’s how they break down by follower count. Average cost of posts at different levels: Nano (1-10,000 followers): $10-100 per post Micro (10-100,000 followers): $100-500 per post Medium (100-500K followers): per $500-$5,000 per post Macro (500,000 to 1 million followers): $5,000 to $10,000 per post Mega (more than 1 million followers): $10,000 or more per post Assembly number mining 3. Tracking the front row 4. Traceability and group photo method 5. Cooperative influencer recommendation “Contact influencer” The writing of the development letter provides template reference in many places) Here is an example of clothing and beauty makeup Three elements of the development letter: 1. Praise the other party 2. Introduce yourself 3. (note: avoid too long; add expressions appropriately; pay attention to words; text layout.

One the number of materials produced

Subjective: picture quality; data effect; communication experience character (subjective feeling) According to subjective and objective standards, the cooperating influencers are graded as average, good, and excellent. Maximize the market and effect ▪Review 1. Data tracking (likes, comments, progress, follow-up status) 2. List Lithuania Mobile Number List of high-quality influencers (accurate) 3. Follower status of the main account (daily increase, the number of people who post pictures) 4 . Portfolio (named by celebrity id) 5. Excellent portfolio (easy to use) ▪Maximize: Maximize the material and maximize the use of celebrity resources. During the review process, pay attention to summarizing experience and lessons and using all information as a reserve 2 \ Giveaway / Momo Going to the Sea.

Giveaway Campaign Goals

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Some tips for setting goals for your giveaway include: ▪Be specific about your goals. Make sure your goals are tied to a specific channel, product or outcome. For example, instead of “growing your audience,” make it your goal to increase your Bab Directory follower count or visit a certain landing page. Instead of “increasing transactions,” focus on increasing sales of new products or collections in your store. ▪Goals are measurable. Instead of a degree word like “more,” write a number or percentage on your goal. That way, you’ll know if your giveaway fell short or exceeded expectations. If sales are the goal, be sure to spend the time, effort and product that Giveaway might spend.

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