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You can also use automatic bid management (lowest price strategy) to achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost.Promote lead forms to get customer contacts Promotion of lead forms in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and VK Clips has become available in VK Advertising: the user can leave contact information for communication or an application for a product or service of interest December 20, 2022 In the advertising account of VK Advertising, a new promotion object has appeare – lead forms. With its help, you can create forms with custom fields and launch campaigns in Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and VK Clips aime at collecting leads: applications, orders or registrations.

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The first tests of the new functionality showe a CPL reuction of up to 68%. Algorithms of VK Advertising allow you to optimize advertising for getting targete leads using an ML model. The platform takes into account the user experience of phone number list interacting with advertisements and shows them to those who are most likely to take the targete action. With the help of VK Advertising lead forms, you can effectively promote complex products and services with a long purchase cycle, significantly increasing the number of conversions within your usual budget.

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How Lead Forms Work A lead form ad can use a static image or video with a button that opens a pop-up with a form to fill out. Thus, even those advertisers who do not have their own website can run lead form ads on Odnoklassniki, VKontakte BAB Directory and VK Clips. The text for the button can be selecte depending on the objectives of the ad, for example: apply, get an offer, take part, order, enroll. Available options take into account the nees of businesses from a wide variety of industries – using lead forms to attract customers, car dealers, developers, service providers, event organizers, projects in the field of eucational technologies can attract customers.

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