Google Ads experiments should be an integral part

I suggest converting it to a new campaign after a successful experiment. Don’t be afraid to test! Experimentation-based activities in Google Ads allow us to draw conclusions based on facts, not presumptions. Based on the data, we can confirm our assumptions, achieving better results of our campaigns. of regular Google Paid Search Optimization. What should be in the graphic? This question comes back like a mantra from clients with whom I have the opportunity to work. In the era of banner blindness and the multitude of messages that we can see on the Internet every day, this is especially important.

Especially in times of a pandemic

When the world of e-commerce is booming and online marketing is developing along with it. 90% of the information that reaches the brain is visual. The brain recognizes images 60,000 times faster than words. In this article, I will provide some Libya Email List advice on how to create advertising graphics to attract the attention of recipients. A must have for every banner ad Of course – the logo is especially important . It is hard to imagine a graphic creation advertising the store’s assortment or a promotional campaign without a clear logo.

This has two justifications first

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Let’s show the client where we invite him 2) secondly, a visible logo will allow you to remember the brand. Perhaps in his free time he will return to the store by entering the name of the brand in the search engine. Remember that the network is governed by its own rules. This is not a one-on-one meeting. When we display the creative Bab Directory on the website, Facebook or as part of Google Ads, the user can be at work / eat lunch / run to the tram / play in the sandbox with the child / wait in the waiting room of the clinic / has the right to do other everyday things. Another element that is of great importance for many types of display ads is the CTA (Call To Action) . CTA can come in many forms. Its purpose is to encourage the user to move on.

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