Here are some general positioning rules

Take care of unique h1 headers for key subpages on your portal the contentious issue is how many h1 headings should be on a given subpage. I am a fan of one headline per page. On the other hand, I understand that there may be situations when someone sees the point in adding many such headers on a page. Lower level headings Lower-level headings are already less relevant than the H1 heading, which does not mean that their potential can be underestimated. : try not to miss the main phrase in them lower-level headings are also a place to place synonyms and thematically related phrases However, the main role of lower-level headlines is not SEO (Search Engine Optimization) support.

It is to make it easier for users to navigate

Through the text and to improve the readability of the text. Headings stand out visually from regular text and help you quickly understand the structure of the text and jump to the fragment you are interested in. As long as you prepare Tokelau Email List them correctly, of course. H2 headings should divide the entire text into chapters of logically related content. If these chapters can be divided into subchapters focused on a narrower section – then we divide them with H3 headings. And so on, up to the H6 level. Of course, you don’t even need to use H3 or even H2 headings if you don’t need to.

Think of the structure of the headings

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In the text as the online equivalent of the chapters and subchapters of the thesis. Pictures The pictures are nice, and well-chosen can enrich the value of the content and make it visually more attractive. Unfortunately, unoptimized images are Bab Directory one of the main reasons for website slowdowns. So it’s best to use them only where it’s really needed. You should take care of proper technical optimization of images: images should not be on the loading screen, just below the scroll. Line images not visible at the time of loading the page. Should load when you scroll to them (lazy-load mechanism.

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