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You must also list brand names by which you may also be known or otherwise known. Support links to help confirm your visibility. accounts (if you have one), your brand’s news or press releases, your website, or other (non-promotional) links that you think might be relevant. 3Submit your comments After filling in the verification request details, click submit and congratulations: you have sent your request. Photo credit: Pexels will notify you in your activity feed whether your application was successful, usually within approximately 30 days. If so, you’ll get a verified badge right away. Tips for Getting Verified Before you go ahead and submit your application for that coveted blue badge,

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Will help improve your chances of getting a verified account: Get Real Followers Without Buying Badges Complete Your Profile Follow Community Guidelines Get Promoted Don’t Buy Badges Users are not permitted to buy, sell, or otherwise transfer their verified badges under any circumstances. If you see an account advertised as offering Paraguay Mobile Number List you a service for free or for a “small fee” like the one pictured below, don’t be fooled. Purchase the badge for responsible use . Don’t try shady tactics like buying badges, followers, likes or comments. Otherwise, you may find your account banned. Get real followers don’t buy fans. Focus on real organic growth of your account.

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Bought followers because their account will have a lot of followers but low engagement. These “followers” are usually bots or accounts that are inactive so they don’t engage with your brand. Lack of engagement means your posts won’t show up on the explore page or in your audience feed. While your follower count doesn’t matter when it comes Bab Directory to verification, highly engaged followers help. Some ways to get more followers include: Put your profile in front of your target audience with the right hashtags Post a combination of Stories, Reels and Feed posts Run giveaways Encourage user-generated content Organize your profile Shared Content Followers aren’t just a number, they’re your community.

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