Hovering the cursor over the markers in the Change history

Portfolio strategies – screen Changes in campaigns and advertising performance in Google Ads Annotations are now available in the performance graphs, which allow you to quickly track the impact of changes to your campaigns on the performance of your ads in Google Ads.  If we notice changes in campaign results, we can easily see which changes contributed to this and how they translated into the generated number of conversions, clicks and other key KPIs.

New features in the Google Ads mobile app

The Google Ads mobile application is also developing more and more to allow users to have more control over campaigns and make it easier for them to make changes at any time. In March, new features appeared in the Google Ads mobile Hong Kong Business Email List app, related to optimization score and dark mode. In July, manager accounts were made available in the app. Manager accounts Making manager accounts available. In the mobile application allows you to easily view and manage all Google Ads accounts in one place.

The update allows you to quickly access

Email List

The overall trends and statistics of all accounts on the “Overview” page and to manage campaigns for individual accounts. Optimization results for all accounts are also available, allowing you to scale up your efforts and prioritize more easily. Recommendations and optimization score Optimization score allows you to prioritize recommendations Bab Directory in your. Campaigns and helps you quickly increase the effectiveness of your ads. In order to make it easier to get to the right recommendations. Optimization results are now available at the account and campaign. Level in the account overview screen. Google Ads campaigns for which recommendations are available, and the introduction of which may translate into the greatest.

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