How does page load speed affect conversions

Taking into account the announced update of the Google algorithm using CWV (Core Web Vitals), taking care of the page speed of the website becomes even more important. From this article you will learn: how page load time affects user behavior what metrics affect page loading speed how to measure charging speed what to do to improve your page loading speed.? There are many studies by independent companies that have tested the impact of page loading speed on the conversion rate on the basis of tests. An example is the American company Walmart, which generates over 452 million visits to the website per month (data according to similarweb). Improving the pagespeed optimization allowed to increase the conversion rate.

Each second of loading speed boost

Increased CR by 2%. In addition, thanks to the fact that the page loading time was better, the bounce rate on many subpages of the online store decreased. On the other hand, the website speed research conducted by mPulse Mobile shows that: Websites with a load time of ~2.4 seconds had a conversion rate of 1.9% Reducing the recharge time Madagascar Email List by 1 second was already lowering the CR to 1.5% Above 5.7 seconds, the conversion was only 0.6% According to a pagespeed report by Unbounce , nearly 70% of those surveyed admitted that page speed affects their purchasing behavior. This is a confirmation of how important pagespeed is for business, and its improvement can increase the profits of an online store while maintaining the same traffic.

In addition site speed can affect

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The performance of paid Google Ads campaigns. By better optimizing the page speed, we can improve the quality scores for the keyword, which allows you to reduce CPC rates for online stores. So what should the page load time be? Based on the data provided by Google, the page speed for the website should be below 3 seconds – the faster the Bab Directory page, the better for us. The average values ​​that Google indicates for speed on mobile devices are: average speed index – less than 3 seconds average time to first byte – less than 1.3 seconds average request count – less than 50 average page weight – less than 500KB Metrics affecting page load times In Google PageSpeed ​​Insights we will find metrics based on which the results are analyzed.

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