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In the case of a fresh website, you must take into account that the first stage of SEO activities will be an investment with a delayed return. ? It depends on many factors, mainly on the competitiveness of the industry, the current state of the site and the assumed SEO activities. An SEO strategy should include: list of planned SEO activities (Search engine optimization) schedule of activities SEO goals priorities (e. keywords) The key factor is SEO goals. They will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and adjust it as needed. SEO goals should meet several conditions.

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The SMART goal setting methodology. Goals should be: Specific (how do we define our success? This could be increasing your organic traffic or your site’s visibility for valuable keywords in search results) Measurable (how to measure the degree Pitcairn Email List of success? It can be an increase in organic traffic by %) ambitious Achievable Specified in time (how to measure the degree of success? It could be an increase in organic traffic year-on-year by x% – 2021 vs 2020) Measure SEO results Although it’s hard to believe. Not everyone measures the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

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The stated goal of SEO is a vague “increase. In website visibility”, “increase in website traffic” or “positioning of websites for keywords”. However, it would be good to know. Whether the money spent on SEO activities pays off and to what extent … or not? Fortunately, if you’ve set the right SEO goals, measuring them will usually be easy. You Bab Directory will be able to. Verify most of your goals in tools such as: Google Analytics (read more: Google Analytics 4. Google Analytics – Implementation ) Google Search Console (read more: Google Search Console. Google Data Studio other commercial tools programs that monitor. The positions occupied by keywords Read more SEO monitoring.

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