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Duplication, wrong content on the subpage, incorrect tags, title, infinite scroll, good UX and comfortable browsing)? Several SEO practices are necessary. SEO best practices Various on-page optimization techniques are gaining in importance meta tags, title tags, content on the subpage, properly implemented internal linking, the use of techniques to avoid duplication, etc. In this chapter, I will present the most important issues that you should pay attention to. Canonicalization and indexation How was page pagination treated in the past? Most often, the problem was solved by indicating further pagination. Pages as non-canonical or blocking them from indexing.

How is it now Now this may backfire

Such is the irony of Google’s guidelines – it’s not surprising when they turn 180 degrees. A few words about canonicalization and indexation In this subchapter, I will briefly present the mechanisms of canonicalization and indexation. More Bhutan Email List experienced readers can skip ahead to the next chapter. A canonical page is the main version of a specific page. By examining each URL, Google verifies whether there is another page with identical or very similar content. In such a situation, the robots. Choose the most complete and accurate (in their opinion) of them.

Canonical page canonical has a chance to appear

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In search results is taken into account when determining the content of the website and its evaluation Non-canonical pages. Are less crawled. Than canonical pages are ignored when. Determining the content of the page and its evaluation will not be included. In the Google index And now a note: how else does Google treat pages excluded from the index? I Bab Directory will quote: “If we see the noindex there for longer than we think this this. And then we won’t follow the links anyway. So, in noindex and follow is essentially kind of the same as a noindex, nofollow.” – John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. Google Webmaster Hangout 15 Dec 2017 What does it mean? This means that the content of pages excluded from the index will cease to count for Google over time.

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