How to tell the story of a smaller brand

The photos show the capabilities of the equipment. At the same time, photographs, quotes and short information create a story that attracts the customer’s attention. Karolina Garczynska. of dollars and a team of specialists to build a story around a brand? not necessarily! Storytelling is also used to a small extent by smaller brands – sometimes probably not even fully consciously. A good story about how and why the company was created is also a form of storytelling that can reach the audience. Let’s look at Facebook, for example: the history of its creation is already a legend.

Here are a few students who decided

Implement a project that will make it easier for people attending the university to contact each other… An example from our Polish plot? Karolina Garczyńska’s dress shop, relatively small, but with a devoted group of fans. From the tab ” about me ” you can find out that the idea for sewing clothes was born in the designer’s head after she and her mother Sri Lanka Business Email List were looking for a dress for an important ceremony. Plus size mum couldn’t find anything that fit and she was sad and discouraged. At that moment, Karolina decided to sew a dress for her mother, and later – to fill the gap in the market. Create comfortable and fashionable clothes, among which ladies who need larger sizes will also find something for themselves.

It’s a short and simple story

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It has what is important in storytelling. Emotions, a character with whom the recipient can identify, an authentic situation: probably everyone has come back empty-handed from shopping. This is a form of building a broader context around the brand – presenting it as something more than just a store whose primary goal is to earn money. Pepsi and Bab Directory Kendall Jenner. How NOT to use storytelling? Coca Cola is considered one of the leaders in the use of storytelling in marketing. Their biggest competitor – the Pepsi brand – failed to repeat their success. In fact, one of their marketing campaigns using storytelling turned out to be a communication error and failed spectacularly. It’s specifically about the Kendall Jenner video from.

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