However a characteristic feature of the globalization era

We encourage you to constantly monitor events and react to them as quickly as possible. Globalization has many effects, and one of them is undoubtedly trade between different countries – in 2019 we can buy soap from Podlasie as easily as from Greece or Korea. Of course, global trade is not limited to products from the soap industry, but applies to all branches, including electronics, which is necessary in today’s digital world. H – apart from the fantastic variety of available goods – is its susceptibility to the geopolitical situation, to a conflict between two world economy leaders.

Which half a century ago would

Such far-reaching consequences for very specific segments, such as electronics trade (if electronics, in today’s sense of the word, existed at all). So let’s analyze this impact on the example of the current tension between China and the US. That’s where it all started At the end of the seventh decade of the 20th century, a breakthrough event in the Fiji Email List history of China took place, which had far-reaching consequences for its economy and, as it later turned out, the economic situation of the whole world. I mean here, of course, the famous opening in 1978, before which the Chinese economy was practically completely closed to external. Capital (for example, in the late 1970s, all imports and exports accounted.

The result of the opening was economic

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Development on an unprecedented scale: over the past 30 years. The growth of Chinese GDP has averaged almost 10% per year. The Middle Kingdom did not feel the effects of the financial crisis of 2007-2009 to a large extent. On the Bab Directory contrary – a few years after the recession. When the United States and Europe were still working to offset its effects. China became the largest industrial producer in the world. Ending more than a century of ” domination” of the US in this area. It is therefore obvious that China’s rise to economic power has translated into increased political. Tension with the dethroned industrial tycoon: the United States.

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