However there are many pitfalls that must be taken

If the customer has not completed the purchase. He will automatically receive a pre-prepared notification that his basket is still waiting for him. There are several ways influencing the purchasing process. One of them is to offer a discount on products from the basket. Into account in the process of preparing the script. Giving away discounts too often will get. The recipients used to abandoning their shopping carts.

Prevent this add further conditions

The lead must meet so that the discount is not duplicated each time the cart is abandoned. Winback campaign – is designed to encourage customers to return to our website. A scenario should be prepared on the basis of. Which we will remind them about our store. Automation is to capture the first interaction with our website: it can be a Mayotte Email List visit or a purchase. Then, after a certain number of days, we verify whether the user had another interaction during that time. If the visit or purchase did not take place.  Loyalty programs thanks to the transactional data that flows into the software about. The value of purchased products and their frequency. We can determine the activity of a given lead.

It is good practice to reward

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The trust of active customers. A scenario prepared for bonuses is a great way to retain a customer and build a long-term relationship. 8. Product Recommendations: Most of the tools available on the market offer the option of creating a recommendation frame.  The tools offer a number of product selection scenarios. The most basic of them is Bab Directory selecting products through recently viewed. Purchased by others along with the currently viewed product. Or even the most frequently purchased. More advanced platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) to select products. Which, based on complex algorithms. Is able to calculate which product is most suitable for a particular customer.

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