However using the Diagnostics option

With product feed overlays: Adjusts the product feed to the Facebook standard without involving programmers, thanks to the Feed Manager function. , you can check what errors have appeared in the feed and a large part of them can be fixed immediately to improve the effectiveness of your ads. You can create videos based on products from the product feed, photos, text, shapes, audio and video materials. …and rely on ready-made templates to be used in campaigns for various advertising purposes. Once you’ve made a great creative. You can optimize your campaign based on automated rules and checking the most important KPIs.

ROI Hunter is also integrated

With Google Analytics and allows you to import campaign data from the e-commerce module for better analysis of the effectiveness of your activities! Supermetrics and Data Driven in Social Media. Supermetrics is one of my favorite analytics tools! With its help, you will collect key data to monitor the development of profiles and sales in one Costa Rica Business Email List table. You will connect to it such channels as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. On the basis of Supermetrics, we effectively drive our clients’ businesses. How can Supermetrics help you? In the case of Facebook, this will be data from Facebook Insight.

You can check the reach total

Email List

Paid, organic, viral, the level of user engagement, the number of generated comments, shares, likes . You will also see whether the implemented strategy and communication encourages new recipients to like the profile and the number of fans (and thus. New potential customers) is growing or decreasing. In the options, you will mark the increases Bab Directory and decreases with colors. You can also check which posts were the strongest on a given day, week, month in terms of reach, engagement. Clicks and plan effective communication for your e-commerce. Example measured Facebook KPIs: Using Supermetrics, you can download all the useful data for monitoring sales activities from Facebook Ads.

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