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A private medical facility, several restaurants, a kindergarten, a transport hub, a parking lot for bicycles): Who are we looking for? We are currently looking for a PPC intern – go to the job advertisement, apply and come to us for coffee or tea: A profile in social media is not only a business card of the company, but also often the first source of information and a place where the customer can directly contact the brand. It is through Messenger that users most often seek help, and through opinions or comments under posts, they express comments on services and products. SoTrender’s research shows that Orange received the most inquiries on Facebook in 2017 – 14,823 inquiries in total, which is about 49 per day. The second place is taken by Plus – 10,726 inquiries, and the third by T-Mobile – 8,866 inquiries.(1) These data indicate that users contact their operators without hesitation through this easily accessible channel.

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Service has become one of the most important aspects of the presence of companies in social media and one of the more significant sources of income. Gary Vaynerchuk aptly observed that “customer service is the new marketing.” It not only creates a positive image of a given brand, but also helps to attach customers to it. However, you need to know Albania Phone Numbers List how to do it wisely and effectively. I could learn about how to meet the expectations of my customers online at the second edition of the Marketing Academy, which took place on November 8-9 in the Krakow Technology Park. data from the conference and, above all, how to take your client on a date and not panic. Take your client on a date.

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A situation in which, during the first date. The other person asks you questions about your interests, work, views on various matters. And you stubbornly remain silent and avoid answering. In contact with the client in social media, as during the first date. It is primarily about communication and the desire to reach an agreement. You won’t do it by Bab Directory deleting comments, avoiding answers to questions, complaints or complaints that will appear on your fanpage. So don’t leave any post in your company’s social media unanswered. It’s not just about the statistics themselves. But about the impact of your behavior on the company’s image online. I how you will present yourself during the first meeting.

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