Identify keywords Start your work by checking what key phrases

Thanks to this, you will receive information from which websites your potential customers get information about your organization. This is the starting point for starting image activities on these websites – contact portals that are high in search results for your brand phrases and suggest publishing content about your brand. 3. Obtaining external links from strong websites. Obtaining external links is an example of an activity where Content Marketing and SEO work closely together. Creating high-quality content and then sharing it with a dofollow link on strong (having a high domain rate, a large number of visits and unique users) websites strengthens the position of your website, and at the same time your brand.

Such actions increase the reach

Your website, and at the same time your brand, in organic search results. How to use SEO and Content Marketing in building the image of an expert? Summary Both SEO and Content Marketing activities allow you to build the image of an expert brand. However, it is worth remembering about the iron rules accompanying such works. Authority is Tunisia Business Email List often built over the course of a business and can be lost very quickly through one wrong decision or taking shortcuts. In this article you will learn: how to identify keywords important to your site, how to effectively expand internal and external linking, how to test the effectiveness of an SEO strategy.

The SEO strategy is a key

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Document that allows for effective positioning of the website. How to create it? Check out our 5-step method! Step 1. your website is currently displaying for. Thanks to this, you will outline the situation, which will be the starting point for further analysis. The next move should be to suspect the visibility of competing websites – this action will allow Bab Directory you to confront the strength of your own website with the potential of other websites operating in the same industry. Then identify key phrases that Internet users associate with your offer and your potential customers can enter into the search engine.

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