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Mikołaj Winkiel from Band24 presented an interesting and inspiring use of monitoring in his presentation during the Marketing Academy. Here are some examples (3): 2. BE EMPATHY Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated yourself. Approach each of them individually and show that on the other side of the computer screen or smartphone there is also a person who really tries and wants to help them. Also, don’t be afraid to apologize for your mistakes. , you can only treat yourself to a crisis and verbal skirmishes on the fan page. Imagine that during a date you order the other person not what they asked for, or you hit them with the door in the cinema, you don’t apologize for it and you also tell them that it’s your own fault.

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Their power not only in the real world, but also in the online one. Apply them, admit your mistakes and learn from them, and you will see what wonders you will do. You can even gain new customers thanks to this? Don’t treat your clients in advance and like someone who only wants to make your work harder and do black PR. Put yourself in their shoes and Argentina Mobile Number List try to see their comments as something that can only help you improve the product or service. As Jan Zając from Sotrender stated during his presentation at the Marketing Academy, “public inquiries, complaints or complaints are really [the customer’s] call for attention.” All you have to do is take good care of him and make him feel your interest and willingness to help. 3. GO BEYOND THE SCHEME In your contacts with clients in social media, try to avoid common rules or template answers.

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A boring restaurant or cinema, do something unusual with the other person. Approach each client individually and try to match the character and style of your brand and clients with your answers. Also, do not give up humor and unforced slack Bab Directory in your answers. Just remember to always adapt your communication to the situation. If the person who is sitting across the table in a romantic restaurant is very nervous, a portion of biscuits. Although very good, can only make them even more angry, right? Paweł Tkaczyk presented inspiring examples of great and unusual client care in his presentation during the Marketing Academy. An employee of Netflix’s custom care department perfectly matched the language and character of his client.

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