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First, you need to sell the idea, build trust in the minds of the recipients. After that, you can start promoting the product. If a company you’ve never heard of wants to sell you an expensive product, you’re unlikely to buy it. So you can see how important marketing is in the company. Brand positioning steps 1) Determine your current position If your brand is new to the market, this first step does not apply to you. If a brand is already an established player in the market and wants to strengthen its brand position and overall brand perception, then it is important that the company’s management and marketing and PR department thoroughly understand and identify the current positioning of the brand and analyze how it works for the benefit of the brand and achieving its business goals.

Should find gaps in the current brand positioning

Strategy and see if there is a need to reposition the brand. 2) Identify your direct competition The next stage of creating brand positioning is the identification of brands on the market that directly compete with our brand – that is, they are our rival. Our Angola Email List brand image is very important, but to understand it thoroughly we need to analyze the core value, strengths, nature of the products and services we offer, the fundamentals of competing brands, consumer needs, and see their unique selling propositions and the factors that make them different and unique on the market.

Understand the position of competing brands

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The next step involves understanding the positioning of competing brands, i.e. defining their vision, mission and core values. It is very important to carefully analyze the process of positioning the most competitive brands in order to obtain a unique and distinctive positioning strategy for our company, giving us a competitive advantage in the market. 4) Identify the company’s uniqueness The fourth step includes an in-depth brand analysis and identification of the brand foundations, strengths, long-term vision and features and attributes that make the brand unique and different from other brands on the market offering similar services/products for our group target.

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