If the business is aimed at a younger target group

We also see the potential for these industries on Pinterest. There, as on Instagram, all sales are based on good quality photo content., it is also worth considering TikTok, a very large group of recipients aged 13-21 spends a lot of time on it. For stores that sell in the B2B model, we also offer Linkedin as a second communication channel due to the fact that The aforementioned increase in the popularity of Social Live – so engaging recipients – allows us to assume that in 2021 we will observe the development of activities building communities around brands, e.g. on fan groups. What threats and hopes do you see in this? I see only positives in this.

People want to learn the stories of brands

The people behind their success, the life of the company from the inside. They want to have an impact on brand building and be an important part of it. Groups or various forms of social live significantly facilitate this, because customers get there their space to express themselves and share their feelings about the brand. Content Marketing for e-commerce Recently, we have become accustomed to using chatbots as an alternative to traditional Zimbabwe Business Email List customer service. Is there still room for improving this technology? What chatbot functionality would you like? When it comes to chatbots , I am a moderate supporter of them. i. of course, as a tool to support moderation and answer basic and often repeated questions – yes! As presenting a selected category from the store – yes, but not as a complete replacement of communication with the brand.

People expect real relationships

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Problem solving, unfortunately bots can’t do it one hundred percent right yet. In this article you will read about: -three basic principles that will allow you to effectively create the image of an expert, -Content Marketing tactics that allow you to build brand authority, -SEO tactics that will help you plan, implement and then measure the strategy Bab Directory of creating an expert image of your organization. Every brand wants to be perceived as an expert in its industry. As a result, it becomes trustworthy, customers become attached to it, buy it, praise the product or service, and even if not, they communicate their dissatisfaction much more gently online.

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