If you run an e-commerce business in the fashion industry

Unfortunately, they are often of low quality, usually recorded with a phone. E-commerce, which is much more developed and focuses on image, should focus on conducting transmissions in a professional manner. For this purpose, it is worth betting on a team that uses high-quality equipment. Using a well-catching microphone, professional camera, light, mixer and the right software will translate into the right image and sound quality when streaming on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The place from which we broadcast is also important here. You can bet on a ready-made and arranged studio or choose an atmospheric apartment – in each of these cases it is worth paying attention to proper lighting. When creating a scenario for a live broadcast, it is worth maximizing the reach effect and using a few tricks that will translate into comments, likes and shares during Facebook live.

Here they are: discount for shares

Offer your recipients a discount that will increase with the number of shares. Be sure to use a special code for this purpose, thanks to which you will measure the sales effectiveness of live. giveaway – organize a simple contest during the broadcast, in which the recipients for commenting on the live will be able to win one of the products Argentina Business Email List presented during the live on Facebook. live polls – Facebook allows you to turn on special polls during broadcasts, in which recipients vote with their reactions – thanks to this, we increase the number of interactions under the post.

Special beams placed on the video stream

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In which we encourage users to interact with the host live streaming example Would you like your profile reach to explode? Be sure to invite a top influencer from the industry to cooperate, who will not only attract their audience, but also thanks to crossposting the broadcast on his profile, you will get even better results and his fans will get Bab Directory to know your brand. When creating the entire concept, it is also worth considering how the achieved range effects can translate into sales. Here, an important element is to create a concept that will respond to the current needs of customers. , stylizations corresponding to the current season of the year will be a hit in the top.

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