Important to plan activities based on the purchase funnel

Thanks to this function, we can use reports that provide us with additional information related to e. with shopping behavior, product performance, sales performance, product listing performance, checkout behavior, It is worth paying special attention to reports related to purchasing behavior, which show us how users move along the shopping path. Source: Google Analytics Thanks to this, we can assess the effectiveness of the path, identify elements that are worth improving and optimizing to make our implemented strategy even more effective.

It is also worth paying attention

Very basic elements such as connecting a Google Ads account with Google Analytics, creating lists of recipients that we can later use in PPC campaigns, creating the goals I mentioned at the beginning of the article, setting the appropriate time zone and currency, enabling reports on users or adding a list of negative referral sites (usually payment Switzerland Email List systems). PPC strategy based on the purchase funnel Regardless of whether we run campaigns for an online store that is just starting its online adventure or for a well-known brand, it is . Awareness – this is the first stage of the shopping funnel, the widest group of our potential customers.

Effective e-commerce marketing is based

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Primarily on increasing the scale of sales in the short and long term. At each stage of creating the SEM strategy, paid campaigns are analyzed in terms. Of effectiveness at various stages of the customer’s purchasing process. The main goal of the Bab Directory PPC campaign is to reach both new and existing customers and encourage them to buy.  A potential customer must go through several stages, including. Knowledge of and interest in the product, consideration of the purchase. Finalization of the transaction, and in the future. Return and purchase again.

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