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Meeting with the manager What’s more, prestigious e-commerce agencies have the status of partners of such giants as Google and Facebook, thanks to which they learn about all the news and changes in services one step ahead of others. mentor who represents the interests of the agency and its clients. Find out more about it here and here . We are pleased to announce that our agency – for another year in a row – made it to the finals of the prestigious European Search Awards competition! Promotraffic received as many as 10 nominations! Nominations for PromoTraffic! The announcement of nominations for the European Search Awards is one of the most important events of the year in the Internet marketing industry! This competition is considered one of the most prestigious in the industry.

The European Search Awards also gives

A chance to compare ourselves with the best agencies from all over Europe, and for our clients it creates an opportunity to expand brand awareness outside Poland. We are glad that the jury appreciated as many as ten projects of the agency. This shows well not only the highest quality of our services, but also the development of the company, which Nicaragua Business Email List every year implements more and more interesting and effective campaigns. These nominations are further proof of the strength and effectiveness of the GrowWithUs strategy! Promo Traffic and European Search Awards This is another year in which the jury appreciates our work! We were nominated for ESA in 2017 (Best PPC Campaign), and then in 2018. In the categories of Best PPC Campaign and Best Small PPC Agency.

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In 2019 and 2020, we won as many as six nominations. In key areas for us, related to PPC and SEO. (Details can be found in the entries from 2019 and 2020. ) In 2020, we received nominations in the following categories: In total, we have Bab Directory already received 25 nominations in ESA since 2017! Thus, we are the second most. Frequently nominated agency from Poland in recent years. We are glad that international. Specialists in the industry have once again noticed our projects. Appreciating the ideas and effects of e-commerce experts from Promo Traffic.

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