In order for the broadcasts to be effective

Website visitors can sense a slight lag and know that the computer is generating the result, but they still feel that they are in control of the overall experience and that they are moving freely instead of waiting on the computer. Such a reaction limit does not pose a risk that the user will leave the page. 10 seconds keeps the user’s attention . From 1 to 10 seconds, most users feel they are at the mercy of the computer and would like it to be faster, but they can handle it. When we additionally want to ensure the visibility of our website in the Google search engine, the website loading time should be as short as possible.

Examples of functionalities worth

Implementing to speed up websites: graphics – they should not be too large and heavy, postpone off-screen graphics loading website code – it is worth using minification, separating java script and css codes into separate files use the cache If you want to know the speed optimization guidelines for a given website, we recommend using the online El Salvador Business Email List tool :gtmetrix/ Summary Good usability is not achieved overnight, but by spending a lot of time. It requires thorough user research not only once but also systematically in order to improve web usability. Good website usability really depends on many factors. Live streaming in social media is one of the most important trends in internet marketing.

Thanks to the “live” broadcast

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We are able to react in real time to user behavior: questions, suggestions or orders. This means that the involvement of our potential customers definitely increases, as well as their interest in the offer and the level of loyalty to the brand. Live streaming simply pays off! Online stores can benefit the most from it., however, they must be carried out in accordance with the adopted scenario. In high image and audio quality. We can also use live broadcasts Bab Directory as a way to quickly engage fans on the profile by. Organizing memory or wheel of fortune competitions with their help. The right concept is the key to success! The key to a successful live broadcast is a properly created scenario and the concept of the entire event . Facebook is currently full of broadcasts that are conducted in groups.

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