In our agency she is responsible for creating and implementing

However, I remind you of what I was talking about a month ago – if you do not know how to edit this file, it is best to hire a professional IT specialist who will configure the taccess files correctly, because incorrect configuration of the taccess file may adversely affect the operation of your website. Interested in this article? Be sure to read The group of our specialists has expanded in two areas. Martyna Góra as Content Marketing Specialist Martyna is a graduate of Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. During her studies, she eagerly developed her creativity, light pen and passion for beautiful content, working as a proofreader, editor and copywriter.

She gained her experience in marketing

In two agencies in Krakow, where she was responsible for creating optimized content for websites and blogs, running company profiles in social media, preparing communication strategies and advertising campaigns. At PromoTraffic, he finally hopes to spread his wings properly. content marketing strategies for clients. He deals with comprehensive Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List support for social media channels, creates ebooks, develops graphics for social media, edits, creates and distributes content. In his free time, he spends time at the cinema and goes to concerts. She believes most in the world that content is a king and that Ryan Gosling will finally move to Krakow for her.

Martyna Żądło as Media Planner During

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Studies at the University of Economics, Martyna combined her education in the field of marketing with practical professional knowledge. She started her career in marketing in the S-NET telecommunications company specializing in the B2B industry. As a marketing and PR specialist, she was responsible for online projects, as well as supervision of direct Bab Directory communication with the client and brand visibility on the market. At PromoTraffic, she is responsible for creating and pricing offers for clients. By developing inquiries addressed to the agency, he creates the most effective plan to achieve the set goals. Working with a team of experienced specialists, based on experience and research, it creates offers tailored to market realities.

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