In reality however these are not immutable standards

Also, do not forget to go through the entire shopping process to check not only every step of the basket, but also the e-mail confirming the transaction and the style of its communication. Use online chat and quick consultations with the store staff or chatbot for quick interaction with the customer, without the need to engage resources. Emphasize the security of shopping in the store – SSL, known payment logos, recognizable financial institutions and payment gateways, additional security badges such as TrustedShops, McAfee. The basket must be in the foreground – make sure that the basket icon is always clearly visible, especially when there are products in the basket. Let a gentle call to action encourage you to complete the transaction.

Shopping without registration

Should not only be available, but should be clearly visible as the primary checkout option. Take care of a simple return policy in the most painless way possible for customers. Ensure good communication of this process at the basket stage. This will encourage them to buy when they are not sure whether the ordered product will meet their Israel Business Email List requirements. Optimization for mobile devices – this channel may not generate transactions, but it certainly already generates a significant volume of traffic in your store. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many decisions. The user should easily and quickly decide what to click on. In particular, make sure that the “Add to cart” and “Proceed to checkout” buttons do not compete with social media buttons.

What is a good conversion rate

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Key Conversion Rate Insights in E-Commerce A “good” conversion rate is a variable and flexible value. It depends, among others, on what market segment you operate in, at what stage your brand recognition is and how you attract traffic to your store. By using benchmarking, you can better understand your own results and goals, and shape conversion optimization strategies. and conversion targets to follow. It is best to approach Bab Directory looking at the conversion rate in different ways. For example, combine two or more benchmarks to achieve the best results. In particular, it is worth comparing changes in the conversion rate in the store over the last years and depending on the individual traffic acquisition channels.

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