In this case however it is also worth using exclusions

People who have made purchases – this is one of the most valuable groups to which we can address special offers and thus encourage them to order products again. . Of course, we are talking about identifying customers who made transactions within 2, 5 or 10 days (depending on how large our user base is, it is best to target groups with more than 1,000 people) and exclude them from advertising campaigns. The explanation why it is worth doing this is very simple, namely, there is a good chance that with such a short period of time from the purchase, the user will not need any more products right away, and we minimize showing him ads that may be considered unwanted spam.

We may also target remarketing based

On user activity on social media (Facebook and Instagram). It is worth creating a group of people who reacted actively to a post or an advertisement (in the fashion industry, users are very often active in social media, especially if they like our content). The maximum number of days for people who have interacted is 365, although it is best to Peru Business Email List focus on the first 30 or 60 days. People who haven’t added a comment or liked a post for a long time may simply not be interested in our fanpage on Facebook or Instagram. campaign targeting by events In the event that we direct remarketing to specific groups, we must pay attention to the overlapping of recipient groups.

When we use a group of e g all users

Email List

Who have been on the site in the last 180 days and separately the group of the first 25% of the longest-staying users in 180 days, we must be aware that people from the second group are also in the first. Therefore, when creating a campaign, you should exclude audiences that overlap by more than 20%. Unfortunately, by not doing this. We increase Bab Directory the likelihood that the ad sets. Will reach the same people over and over again, competing with each other. Which can increase the cost of the campaign. How to check which groups overlap? We can check this data in the “recipient groups” section. Where after selecting the groups of interest (from 2 to 5) and selecting. Show overlapping audience groups” (in the button with three dots), we will see a comparison of selected. Users and the percentage of overlapping of selected groups.

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