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What the icon looks like and whether it is attractive determines whether it will meet the interest of users. A properly optimized icon should clearly inform users about what the application is about and be consistent with the visual identification of the brand. On the other hand, it should not contain text, because it could distort its appearance. An icon is not easy to design – competitor analysis and A/B tests can help in choosing the right design. Screenshots/videos – these are the elements that are important from the point of view of conversion and they can convince the user to download a given application or explore the competition to the greatest extent.

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The strengths of the application and show as many of its possibilities as possible. In this area, we can add a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 graphics and it is worth taking advantage of this opportunity. When publishing visual elements, it is also worth remembering to describe the functionality in such a way that the user can easily associate them Equatorial Guinea Email List with the graphics. Developer name – Google also analyzes developers who are awarded additional “ranking points” for apps with a positive track record. It is important not to include special characters in the style of emoticons in the developer’s name, because they can be perceived as an attempt to manipulate the algorithm and impersonate the app’s rating section. Off-site factors This is a group of factors that cannot be fully controlled by us.

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Installed applications, the number of uninstalled applications, ratings and reviews of the mobile application and links. In ASO, user reactions and behavior are of great importance , as exemplified by the number of downloads. For the market, it is information about the popularity of a given application. Great interest in the application translates Bab Directory into better positions in search results. We also have no direct influence on the number of uninstallations of the application. But ensuring that users work properly and comply with the description. We can expect positive feedback and loyal users.

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