Information about the status of individual tasks

In addition to specific guidelines, optimizations and information, we monitor the status of each SEO activity and optimization here. broken down by month is automatically downloaded to the main tab and presented in a clear way. Thanks to the tool, on the one hand, we can quickly assess the status of all activities in the project, and on the other hand, we can delve into even the most accurate information (such as keywords for which SEO activities were carried out). What’s more, the tool is made available to customers, who thus have full insight into the project. It is also in this tool that they verify the proposed optimizations, blog topics, link building portals, etc.

On an ongoing basis. Customer panel

It contains key information about each project carried out by a given specialist (goals, budgets, SEO activities, contact persons, links to key analyzes and folders, effects monitoring). The file is publicly available at the agency. This is especially useful for people supporting the implementation (Customer Success Specialists, Team Leaders) and Saint Helena Email List people replacing a given specialist. Google Drive – All documents that require more than one person’s interaction or that we update frequently are stored in the cloud. Thanks to this, each user always has access to the current version of the file.

Keywords whose analysis is refreshed

Email List

Regularly are just one of the obvious candidates for uploading to the cloud. Other tools : work organizers (e. Todoist), programs to measure the time spent on SEO activities, internal CRM system, internal messenger, Google Meets … and many others. Read more: tools for working remotely . Solve key technical issues There was a lot of Bab Directory preparation, wasn’t there? Now I will focus on the most important element. Which is the SEO rules for the website in terms of search engines. One of them is undoubtedly work on improving the technical aspects of the website and. Its proper optimization in terms of the expectations of search engines.

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