Internal linking is commonly used in the main site navigation

In this post, I will focus mainly on internal links, but I also invite you to read the 5 steps to create an effective SEO strategy , where external linking is also included. What do we gain thanks to internal linking? Google uses internal links to discover new content. Let’s say you’re posting new content on a page and you forgot to link to it from elsewhere on your site. If we assume the page isn’t in your sitemap and there are no backlinks, Google won’t know it exists. This is because the crawler cannot find it. Pages without internal links are called “orphan” or “orphan pages”. More on this later in the text. Internal linking is valuable in many ways.

Let’s focus on a few SEO benefits

Using internal linking: Improves navigation Homepage navigation can make a huge difference to your website’s overall success and affect user-friendliness, search engine rankings, and conversions. . It allows users to easily navigate the site to find the information they need. Including internal links in your site’s main menu can increase the amount Armenia Business Email List of time people spend on your site, which is positively received by crawlers and can increase your ranking in organic search engine results. In addition, creating an internal link structure can help site visitors find subpages that are not included in the main navigation. For example, pages linked from your homepage may contain internal links to other pages deep within your site.

From the user’s perspective

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This is a good solution because it helps in finding relevant information and increases the time spent on the page. It creates an understandable website architecture internal link structure Internal link structure – source neilpatel Internal linking also helps establish the hierarchy of information on a website . For example, you can include links from your homepage to your category pages. Then, those pages should link to pages deeper in your Bab Directory site’s architecture. This helps to create an orderly structure and hierarchy of information that allows users to more. Easily navigate the site and find the information they need. In addition, it allows you to increase the amount of time spent on the website. But also builds brand awareness, which should result in returning users.

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